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The Rockaway Township Board of Education will be performing Hybrid (In Person and Virtual) Board Meetings.

Access to public board meeting will still be virtual, however board members will meet in person, and the board meetings will now allow in-person attendees for the general public audience.

If you would like to address the board virtually:

You may do so by submitting an email request to  Please include your full name and address in the email in order to gain approval.  You will receive an email confirming receipt of your request.  Prior to the start of the board meeting you will receive a Zoom Meeting invite.  You can submit a request to speak up until 6 PM of the board meeting’s date.  By submitting this request and participating in the meeting, you are agreeing to participate in a recorded live streamed video. (While the broadcast starts at 6pm, the board moves immediately into private session, and the public meeting doesn't truly commence until 7:30 pm.)

You can test your equipment connectivity and connection to Zoom at the following website

On the day of the board meeting you will be added to a virtual “waiting room” until the Public Discussions open up.  At that point each participant waiting to make public comment will be brought into the virtual meeting one at a time to address the board. 

You can continue to watch the live stream of the board meeting on the BOE live stream page while you wait, but please mute the board meeting when you are brought into the meeting to prevent echoing.  There is a delay on the broadcast, so communicating with the board can be done directly through zoom, rather than waiting for the stream to catch up.

If you decide to watch the Board Meetings directly from our Youtube Channel, please Like and Subscribe!

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