Welcome to the Department of Human Resources Hub

The Department of Human Resources is committed to providing excellent customer service to current staff, incoming staff, families, and guests.  We want to provide opportunities for an excellent employment experience as well as opportunities for our staff to continue to grow professionally.  The information on this page is meant to provide a one-stop shop for all staff to find documents they will need.

Contact any of the staff at the Central office with your questions.


Joan Hoyt

Human Resources Clerk 
973-627-8200, Ext.6347


Doreen Pickett

Benefits Secretary
973-627-8200, Ext.6107


Gabi Strelec

973-627-8200, Ext.6105

Anita West

Anita West

Director of Human Resources

Affirmative Action Officer

Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Title IX Coordinator

 973-627-8200, Ext.6346

Careers at Rockaway Township Public Schools

Rockaway Township Public Schools consists of five elementary schools and one middle school servicing approximately 3000 students in grades Pre-K - 8.  Our 500+ teachers and our 175+ staff assistants will tell you this is a great community.

Rockaway Township Public Schools is committed to improving the environment and quality of the district and strives to attract highly qualified candidates who will complement our current exemplary staff.  We welcome your interest and questions about employment in our district.

What makes Rockaway Township Public Schools Special?

Rockaway Township offers a great work environment and beautiful, unique schools that meet the needs of our students.  Each school offers unique options to its students.  Staff love coming to work and students are greeted with love from all who come across them. Each elementary school has a dedicated guidance counselor and nurse, and the middle school has two nurses and three counselors.  The music programs at all of our schools and the talent of our students will impress you tremendously - student performances are breathtaking.