Superintendent with Grade 3 students

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September 2022

 Dear Parents:

 Although Covid-19 fears seem to be quickly dissipating, vigilance will ensure that our students and staff remain Covid-19 free and our schools remain open. Please be attentive to the following protocols: 

 Monitor children for Covid-19 symptoms and keep them home if symptoms occur. A negative Covid-19 test may be required to return to school. A home test is acceptable.  

  • Notify the school nurse of any changes to vaccination status. 

  • If a student tests positive, the parents must notify the school nurse and isolate the student as per current guidance from the New Jersey Department of Health. Currently, five days of isolation is required prior to returning to school. After returning, a mask must be worn for five days. 

  • If an elementary school student or staff member tests positive, a school exposure notification letter will be sent to parents of the immediate classmates.

  • In the event of a classroom outbreak, guidance from the local department of health will be followed which will require all students to wear a mask for seven days.  

  • If a student tests positive, please consult with the school nurse regarding school-aged siblings who are household contacts. 

  • If a student whose classmate is positive, presents to the school nurse with any

  Covid-19 compatible symptoms, they will be sent home for Covid-19 testing. 

  • Students exposed to Covid-19 in their house are strongly encouraged to wear a mask while in school. 

 Thank you for your assistance as we work to maintain schools free of Covid-19 infections.  


Richard R. Corbett, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Rockaway Township