Superintendent Search

Good Morning Everyone:  During last week's Public Board Meeting there was a disruption with the technology and audio process while the Board President, Mrs. Lisa Mezik, was reading a special announcement regarding the Board's Superintendent Search and the process they plan to follow.  Therefore, I am sending out the written statement from the Board President for you to read.  Please see the following:


February 16, 2022 Board of Education meeting

Board President's statement regarding the Superintendent Search. 


I would like to take a moment to give an update on the Board’s superintendent search process. After considering community feedback, we responded by creating a survey to elicit what Rockaway Township is looking for in its next Superintendent; this was sent via email to our staff and the parents/or guardians listed for our students, as well as placing a link on the district’s website to reach other community members.


I would like to express the Board’s appreciation to the greater Rockaway Township School District community for taking the time to complete the Superintendent Search survey. Currently, we’ve received a combined total of over 450 responses. We welcome additional feedback, so please take an opportunity to share your thoughts with us in the survey.


We do not intend to move forward with the collective meeting of the final candidates, as the Board scheduled during previous years. Potential candidates could be current sitting administrators; out of respect for current employers and for our process, we need to maintain confidentiality to ensure we aren’t precluding these people from applying.


However, we are acknowledging the community’s desire for more involvement earlier in the process. After speaking to our interim superintendent and our attorney, we welcome an opportunity to meet with various stakeholder groups. The groups we’ve identified are the RTEA, the RTAA, the PTA Presidents, the Central Office staff, and the SEPAC. These conversations will have no more than three board members in attendance, so these meetings will not be classified as a Board meeting and no action will be taken. These meetings will assist the Board and inform decisions regarding applicants for this critical position. Therefore attendance by interested parties is encouraged in this informal setting. They are simply providing another avenue for community participation, albeit at a much earlier stage in our superintendent search process than the Board has provided previously. If there is a segment of the community we’ve inadvertently omitted, please send your suggestion to


Thank you for your participation!